Development under the order

Information about significant development of automated information systems

During the period of executed and implemented projects of various complexity in different subject areas, including:

  1. Computer-aided design and design documentation technological preparation of production of parts by powder metallurgy ( 3rd place in the contest of software development companies Ukraine in 1992, implemented at all major enterprises producing Soviet Union ).
  2. The automated system "Summary Information budgetary institutions of Ukraine" for submission of routine reports by government agencies.
  3. Corporate "Inventions" for the State Patent Office of Ukraine (Diploma Contest "TOP SYSTEM-1999" ). Office clerical regarding intellectual property.
  4. The automated system "patent attorney".
  5. Technological automated system "Feedback".
  6. The automated system "Licensing".
  7. The automated system "analyst". Statystchynyy data analysis performance of the company.
  8. Automated System estimation of economic efficiency promotions.
  9. Automated system for property management - AS "Lease"
  10. Automated System arbitration courts AS - "Lawyer".
  11. Automated system for management of the law firm.

Proposals for the development of automated IT systems

  • Record keeping systems and monitoring works.
  • System business process management
  • Technological preparation of production systems.
  • Systems registries (suppliers, manufacturers, products, services, creditors, etc.).
  • Monitoring of systems and networks tehnolohohichnyh objects using GIS tehnolhiy (electronic maps of areas and objects located on them).
  • Analytical systems (including factor analysis) and forecasting system.
  • Order management systems, procurement, inventory management.
  • System electronic document.
  • Placement and maintenance of databases on the Internet.
  • Technological relationships with partners means Internet.
  • Statistical and analytical systems modeling and forecasting of processes.