Every time the introduction of new automated systems there is a problem of its integration with existing automation systems, each of which has its own specialization and their conditions of use. Given that the modern enterprise automation regard to the various business processes and the various units and existing a large number of specialized systems under these processes, it is not meaningful new business by automating the process of repeating the systems that are already working in the enterprise and worked well. In this case, the integration of different systems comes to the fore.

Our company provides services for the integration of different automated systems.

In addition, most of our systems already have integration modules to interface with the most common systems (eg, "1C"), or have special tires for such integration.

The most common types of integration in our view are:

  • Integration with accounting systems.
  • Integration with conducting e-mail messages and calendars.
  • The exchange of electronic documents between systems, including those physically located on different sites.
  • Integration with PBXs, fax and modern print machines.
  • Integration with traffic control personnel.
  • Integration with office suites formation documents.
  • Integration with corporate sites.

It should be noted that in each case, integration services may be a separate project, and carried out within the framework of the implementation of the automated system.