Job description:

The development of new systems, modules
Maintenance and improvement of existing software products SCE "Informproject".
Teamwork, rapid growth.

Special requirements:

Have basic knowledge of OOP, Delphi, SQL, HTML, CSS, javaScript.
Work experience is welcome, but not required. It is advisable to education in IT.

Personal qualities:

Ability to work in a team, to love their profession, commitment, integrity, responsibility.


Probation and trial period for 2 months. During this time, you will gain a basic knowledge of the software development team, will carry out the test tasks in the case of successful completion of the probationary period, the trainees will have the best of formalization.

We are all honest! Salary to the card. Rising salaries for performance.

More information on the results of the interview.


E-mail: (to CV), tel. (044) 258-06-86 Tverdokhlib Oleg.

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