1. Subject

1.1. Under this agreement, The Licensor grants to Licensee a non-exclusive license to use the Program .

1.2. According to the certificate of registration of copyright in the work number of ____ _____, issued by the State Department of Intellectual Property of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, The licensor is the copyright owner of property rights to the program.

1.3. For the right to use the Program, Licensee shall pay Licensor a fee the size of the order & nbsp; and terms of payment are defined in p._ sales contract number ____ of _____ g.

2. Granting rights

2.1 The Licensor grants the Licensee the right to use the Program as follows and in the following amounts:

2.1.1 The Licensee is entitled to play the program on a personal computer equipped with a (PC) in accordance with its purpose;

2.1.2 Licensee has the right to reproduce the Program for 1 piece. PC

The license grants the Licensee the right to install software on a PC Licensee in the amount of 1 (one) piece. the duration of this License Agreement;

2.2 The Licensee has the right to use the Program in its business activities in accordance with the terms of this License Agreement.

2.3 Replication Software for third parties is prohibited.

2.4 The license gives the Licensee the right to make up one (1) piece of complete copies of the Program for the conservation and recovery after a crash.

2.5 Licensee are entitled to use the documentation provided with the Program.

2.6 Licensee are entitled to use any materials provided by Licensor hereunder.

2.7 You are entitled to install, install, uninstall, copy and run the program.

3. The period and area of rights

3.1 Validity of the license - to _______.

3.2 The area of rights the license - Ukraine .

4. License Restrictions

4.1 Licensee may not:

4.1.1 on their own or with the assistance of third parties to make changes in the program, run it & nbsp; decompilation and reverse engineering;

4.1.2 disassemble or otherwise reverse engineer the Program;

4.1.3 to give others any license to use the Software;

4.1.4 The Licensee has no other rights to the Software, except for the rights specified in this Agreement, subject to these license restrictions.

5. Guarantees and responsibilities of the parties in case of infringement of intellectual property rights

5.1 Licensor warrants to the Licensee that at the time of conclusion of this Agreement has full power and authority to enter into this Agreement and the transfer of these rights to the Licensee to use the program.

5.2 The Licensor shall not be liable for the actions of the Licensee relating to the operation of the Program, which led to the violation of the property rights of third parties.

5.3 In case of licensee claims by third parties, Licensee shall notify the Licensor no later than five (5) days of receipt of the Licensee information on the possible occurrence of claims.

5.4. In the case of justified claims to the licensee on the part of third parties that may arise when using the Program Licensee Licensor shall be liable in the manner and form required by the current legislation of Ukraine.

6. Liability of the Parties

6.1 The Parties shall bear financial responsibility in case of violation of its obligations under this Agreement in the manner prescribed by the current legislation of Ukraine.

7. Other Conditions

7.1 This Agreement shall enter into force on the day of its signing.

7.2 All disputes hereunder shall be resolved through negotiations. If unable to reach agreement, disputes and claims resolved in accordance with Ukrainian legislation.

7.3 This Agreement is signed in two copies having equal legal force, one copy for each Party.