Privacy & Terms

Using site SCE "Informproject" and the system "Informproject HELP DESK» (hereinafter - the system), do you trust us with information that leaves them. In addition, all the information that is in these systems has restrictions on its use and distribution. This document describes the conditions of use of the above information, so we hope that You read it carefully .

Privacy Policy

1. The information that we collect

1.1 The information you provide to us via the feedback form of the site (eg, e-mail, name, question)

1.2 The information that you have in "Informproject interaction", namely:

1.2.1 registration data, with the creation of the account (for example, e-mail, name, password);

1.2.2 error information, suggestions, improvements;

1.2.3 screenshots, files, documents and other files that you have attached;

1.2.4 correspondence, with the staff of the "Informproject" in the operation of our products;

1.2.5 e-mails that have been sent to the support to the

1.3 The information that was sent to your mailbox listed on the site (for example, )

2. How we use the information that is gathered

2.1 The information you provide, we mainly use to improve our products and their support

2.2 We may send promotional materials and materials to update the products registered customers if we have not received a letter of refusal from such a distribution

2.3 Materials that collected information for statistical analysis and planning our work for the dissemination of our products and the conditions of their use

3. Using cookie and other technologies

We use the information collected via the cookie and other technologies to obtain statistical use of our systems and their improvement


4. Terms and restrictions on the use of information systems

4.1 It is forbidden to use the information about the product's interface, which is available in the system, in other products

4.2 It is forbidden to use information from documents (content, document structure) placed in the system (management, WIKI, etc.) for similar instruments and other products

4.3 It is forbidden to transmit information from the system "Informproject HELP DESK" to third parties without the prior consent of the "Informproject»

4.4 It is forbidden to use information about our staff of the system without the prior consent of the "Informproject"

4.5 You may not use the details of the communications systems for distribution of promotional materials without our prior consent

5. Links to other resources

5.1 Systems provide links to resources SCE "Informproject" on other sites (eg, youtube, facebook)

5.2 Systems contain references to open resources (other sites)

5.3 Systems contain links to other sites, in accordance with the licensing requirements of using information from such sites

5.4 Outstanding customer reviews coordinated with them, or they are not received objections.

6. The use of trademarks, design elements, foreign technology

6.1 All logos of third parties used in the systems is their registered trademarks.

6.2 Systems use technology and

6.3 Systems are designed using design elements