AS "Attorney". The program for patent offices

The software "Attorney" is a process automation system that provides a full cycle of proceedings regarding industrial property, since the filing of reference bibliographies, document registration, control of the statutory deadline for the submission of documents, payment of fees and ending support valid security documents and maintaining license agreements and transfer of rights.

The software for patent attorneys, the patent office, patent law firms and organizations, patent departments of enterprises patent. Provides automation of Patent Attorneys. Supports legislation of Ukraine and Russia.

The reduction of labor costs for paperwork


  • Accelerate the search of necessary information electronically and reduce the need for access to information on paper.
  • Eliminate re-enter the information using the principle: "The information entered in the database (DB) once - use all».
  • Expedite the preparation of standard documents by using templates and a decrease in the number of technical errors in them.
  • Automatic calculation of the timing of receipt of documents sent, the duties.
Increased efficiency


  • Optimization and introduction of mechanisms of operational accounting and monitoring office.
  • Standardization and formalization of office.
Reducing the load on the staff


  • Creating a single centralized complete data bank with the possibility of quick access to information of any kind.
  • Automatic data preparation for electronic filing in the Office.


  • A single electronic archive, applicants and owners, businesses, applications, contracts, documents, payment
  • The possibility of simultaneous work of employees
  • Automated control of the timing of sending and receiving documents, payment of duties
  • Contact Office
  • Formation and print documents from a template
  • Timeless ICGS