AS "Law firm". Software for lawyers

The software for lawyers "Law Firm" is more than just a billing system and provides automation of legal activity company from the receipt of the original document, registration of clients, legal cases, control of statutory deadlines, the amounts of fees, duties and ending with statistical analysis of analytical activity of the company.

 The reduction of paperwork


  • The acceleration of search of the necessary information in electronic form, and reducing the need for access to information on paper.
  • Removing the need to re-enter information on the principle of "Entering alone, using all».
  • The acceleration of the preparation of standard documents and reduce the number of technical errors by the use of templates.
  • Formalization of office.
Increased manageability of the company


  • Operational monitoring of progress and expenditure.
  • Control of execution of orders, orders.
  • Analysis of the firm over the period.
Reducing the load on lawyers


  • Create a single centralized data bank with the possibility of quick access to information of any kind.
  • Redistribution of functions of registration, preparation of documents, processing of queries typed on technical staff.


  • A single information archive clients, files, documents, work, expense
  • Electronic document and determine the status of documents
  • For-performance, cost in time and cost
  • Control the timing of sending documents, execution of work duties and taxes
  • Bar Coding paper
  • Full Electronic Office
  • Statistics and Analytics
  • Link to client-bank systems and accounting
  • Creation and printing of documents from templates
  • Enter data in multiple languages