AS "Lease". Automation of property management

The program "Lease" is designed to automate the management of real estate. The software is aimed at use in the control of company property, real estate development companies, construction and maintenance organizations, offices and shopping centers.

The object of automation are the economic relations arising in the course of the activities of such entities: landlords, tenants, rental managers, accountants, financiers, professional services real estate brokers, specialists in property management, heads.

Maintain and systematize real estate funds


  • Quick access to information about the premises served by the current and the future state of the room (free, does not seem to think).
  • Electronic plans of buildings, floors, rooms at the general drawing.
  • Maintain characteristics (location, equipment, etc.); pictures of premises; Expert cost and other.
Maintenance contracts, additional agreements


  • The formation of information for management and leasing of commercial director on the state of existing funds.
  • Presentation of the premises in the form of lists, plans, hierarchical tree.
  • Provide the primary work with tenants: making cards counterparty to the overall base of the bookings of premises, creation of draft agreements.
  • Maintain a legal document: the formation of standard contracts, acts of reception and transmission of other documents. Registration of lease contracts, including information on contractors, facilities rental, maintenance and utilities, indexing, and the like.
Revenue Management


  • Automated calculation of the amounts of the contract and billing, including the cost of the settlement period of the lease, compensation of public services, maintenance services, additional services and all debts are not repaid by the tenant on the formation.
  • Control balance for each contract.
  • Automated preparation and formation acts, tax bills, accounting inquiries, acts of reconciliation, and the like.
  • Control of payments: payment receipt of invoices, deposit payments, payment penalties.
The analysis of activity


  • The financial reporting (debt, overpayments, etc.).
  • Statements for fixed assets (free and occupied space).


  • A single information archive funds, tenants, landlords, contracts, documents, bills, acts
  • Control of validity of the contract and payment deadlines
  • The statistical and operational reports
  • Link to client-bank systems and accounting
  • Creation and printing of documents (contracts, invoices, statements) templates
  • Access rights
  • Control the actions of the users