SCE "Informproject" provides support all our products, like those developed under the order and its own. Accompaniment products developed under customer orders made by individual contracts and require harmonization in each case.

To own products are two major support plans:

Validity   1 year 1 year
Terms of Payment month quarter
FAQ and connect to «Informproject - Help Desk»
Regular updates
Prompt assistance in the event of non-standard situations
Control position every month every quarter
Small modifying and configuring  

Plan B1

We recommend to use during the implementation of products, because at this stage, as a rule, there is a large number of minor changes and improvements, and custom settings. In addition, it is the best option for products that constantly and rapidly evolving.

Plan B2

We recommend to maintain the standard of finished products which develops the version for version and do not require constant care.

Regular updates

Updates associated with changes in legislation, forms of documents, state classifiers and directories, workflow rules. Updates that appear in the case of adding a new functionality for automated systems, does not include in the plans of maintenance and can only be obtained through the acquisition of new licenses (see. «Plans sales»).

Additional Work

All additional work is performed in accordance with agreed with the customer dresses within contract support. Each dress is specified list of works to be carried out, their cost and deadline. Attire is a commitment to pay a specified client in work attire, and SCE "Informproject» to execute them in these terms.

If you plan to purchase not only the product but also its support in case of no standard situation and development in the future, the contract support   is the principal mechanism for this.

Support - your insurance policy!