The following is a standard part of contracts of sale regarding the warranty SCE "Informproject". Appendices 1 and 2 contain, respectively, the functionality of the automated system and the conditions of its operation.

7. Guarantees and warranty systems

7.1 Seller warrants performance of the system in the amount of functions set out in Annex 1 to this Agreement, subject to the Purchaser the requirements set out in Annex 2 to this Agreement, for a 2 (two) years from the date of of this Agreement (the warranty period for the system).

All the technical errors and cases of inoperability of the system during its operation, any fault of the seller, the latter corrects for its own account as soon as possible.

7.2 If a situation arises when a malfunction or any other situation related to the system, which may require immediate intervention Seller Parties shall act as follows:

7.2.1 Purchaser contact the seller by phone specified in section 8 of this Agreement, or any other means of communication available to the Parties, to perform work on remote maintenance;

7.2.2 In the event that a situation has arisen, it is not possible to resolve in the manner specified in para. 7.2.1 of this Agreement, the Purchaser will send the Seller an email invitation (call) the need for warranty service;

7.2.3 Seller a maximum of two days of receipt of the invitation (call) for p.7.2.2 provides travel specialist at the Purchaser set out in section 8 of this Agreement, to resolve the situation directly with the technical means Buyer, which established system.

7.3 If during the execution of works according to 7.2.3 of this Agreement will be revealed in circumstances indicate the cause of the situation, described in clause 7.2 of this Agreement, the fault of the seller, the seller brings the system to a usable state at its own expense as soon as deadlines.

7.4 If during the performance of work according to para. 7.2.3 of this Agreement will be revealed in circumstances indicate the cause of the situations described in para. 7.2 of this Agreement, through no fault of the seller, the buyer is obliged to exit under the Act, drawn up by the representative of the Seller to pay all the costs of the seller, associated with the departure on the basis of the Seller's account and Departure Act within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of the relevant Act of departure.

7.5 In case of default the Buyer obligations under para. 7.4 of this Agreement or in the case of unjustified refusal by Buyer's representative signing out according to para. 7.4 of this Agreement, the Seller shall be entitled to terminate the warranty service under this Agreement prior to the date the payment is received in accordance with para. 7.4 of this Treaty.

7.6 In the case of non-receipt by the Seller in accordance with the appropriate paragraph. 7.4 of this Agreement payment in more than two weeks, fourteen (14) calendar days from the moment the Act exit Seller may terminate the warranty service under this Agreement by written notice to the Purchaser for one week prior to the date of termination of this Agreement.